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There are certain people who bring such love, laughter, and grace to the world around them. A true gift of God's glorious love sprinkled with a little fun and lots of laughter. Gloria Grimsley also known to many as ‘Daisy Mae’ was a beacon of light to those around her. Her warmth, kindness, smile, and silliness could lift and light your heart even in the heaviest and darkest of moments. She was the epitome of grace and beauty both inside and out. It is with heavy hearted sorrow that I share that she is in the arms of Jesus Christ. As the community around her mourns and weeps in response to her tragic and sudden passing, any gift in kind or donation is appreciated.

At Stuff for Santa, we also ask that you take a moment to hug someone close to you. Hug them with all your heart because love is a beautiful gift that must be shared. Thank you for your support and patronage as we celebrate her life and her contribution to the Santa community.  

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On Wednesday morning, March 23, 2022 - Gloria was struck by a semi and rushed to the local hospital where she passed during surgery. Her family and friends are deeply saddened by her sudden and most tragic passing. Her life and business partner, Spangle, will have to relocate their home and business of 17 years without her support. Any donation is greatly appreciated as the expense of her passing is mostly out of pocket for Spangle.  

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