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Humble Beginnings -
Spangle the Clown and Daisy Mae

Starting as a side business, Stuff For Santa has now become a fulltime online and mobile retail business. As working performers, Spangle the Clown (balloon artist/clown) and Daisy Mae (face painter/clown) fully understood the convenience and value of being able to source affordable and often hard-to-find materials or items. This is why they would purchase items in bulk to sell to their fellow performers, thus making a little extra for their time, effort, and investment.  

While attending Santa School and other Santa gatherings to become a professional Santa Claus, Spangle continued being resourceful by sourcing hard-to-find items for other performers. Often collaborating with other vendors and helping to move their inventory, Spangle also found a few

items of his own to sell. His inventory has now grown to over 200 items including items Spangle has personally designed and manufactured. 

They are super excited to announce and share about their new mobile store. While many are able to attend gatherings, there are several who are unable to travel. If there is a group or chapter of Christmas performers that get together, Spangle is able and willing to bring his Stuff For Santa (and Mrs. Claus, too!) store to them. Interested in having the Stuff For Santa mobile store come to your next event or gathering? Contact Spangle 417-619-3209 with your meeting information. 

Spangle the Clown

Yes, Spangle The Clown is his real name. He decided to legally change his name because he is 100% Spangle and full of silliness. As an entrepreneur and performer, Spangle often sees opportunity around every corner. Regardless if he is negotiating the deal of the century, telling a joke, or making a new friend, fun is always close to his heart. This unique blend of silliness, passion, and commitment has been Spangle's recipe for success and why people like the way he does business.


"Taking care of people is what I love to do most and making sure they feel valued as customer " says Spangle when asked what is most important to him.


A true renaissance man, Spangle offers a variety services such as a balloon artist, face-painting, clown, magician, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus! In addition to Stuff for Santa online and mobile store, he hosts School of Santas in Branson, MO and offers 4-color printing for brochures, post cards, banners and more. 


Known to many as Daisy Mae, she is often working behind the scenes especially when it comes to helping Spangle! Whether it's painting, sorting, packaging, or helping to manage their businesses, Daisy puts her special touch of sunshine and happiness into everything she does. When it comes to the definition of dynamic duo, she is the dynamic part for sure! 

A natural performer, children simply adore her as Daisy Mae (clown) or Mrs. Claus.



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